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Welcome to Hedgehog Heaven, a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remix collaboration. Please use the above links to navigate the site.

Thank You

  • All of the ReMixers!
  • analoq especially for doing THREE incredible tracks for this project.
  • E-Claire, Golden Tears, Joker, NoWave and Xenon Odyssey for working on tracks that didn't make it but helped make the project better.
  • djpretzel for creating OCR which allowed us all to come together.
  • njsykora for being the most supportive and cheerful fan of the project (almost 'til the end..).
  • Jeffrey Roberts for doing some kickass graphics and CD Art.
  • sithlord-aku also for kickin' CD Art.
  • Sega, Inc. for making Sonic 2 and a large portion of the finest games ever made.
  • To all the fans for their support and for sticking with us.
  • Of course, Mr. Masato Nakamura for composing the music.
  • I forgot! Mr. KREATIVEassassin for ripping the OST so well.
  • Big thanks to aubrey from OCR for providing our ONLY mirror.
  • Anyone else I'm missing. Sorry! I have a crap memory. Remind me.